A.G. Abril


Preludios de Mirambel


I. Albeniz

Suite “Iberia”

Chants d`Espagne


J.S. Bach

The Well Tempered Clavier Part I and II



French & English Suites

Italian Concerto

Bach/Busoni: Chorale Preludes

Bach/Siloti: Transcriptions of Bach works

Bach/Godowsky: Transcriptions of Bach works


L.v. Beethoven

Sonatas: Op.2 N1 f moll; Op.2 N2 A Dur, Op.2 N3 C Dur 

Sonata N9/Op.14 N1 E Dur

Sonata N14/Op.27 N2 Cis Moll 

Sonata N15/ Op.28 D Dur 

Sonata N17/Op.31 N2 D moll

Sonata N24/Op.78 Fis Dur 

Sonata N27/Op.90 E Moll 

Sonata N32/Op. 111 C moll


J. Brahms

Paganini variations Op.35 Book 1 and 2

Fantasie Op.116

Intermezzi Op.117

Six Pieces for Piano Op.118

Selection of Valses Op.39


F. Chopin

Etudes Op.10 and Op.25



Selection of Valses

Sonata N2 B Moll Op.35

Selection of Polonaises

Ballade N1 Op.23 F Moll

Ballade N2 Op.38 F Dur

Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise brilliante Op.22


C. Debussy

Suite Pour le piano

Selection of Images



E. Grieg

Lyric pieces


J. Haydn

Selection of Sonatas


R. Laul

Selection of Miniatures and different pieces


G. Ligeti

Etudes for Piano- Book 1


F. Liszt

Sonata B Moll

Dante Sonata

Polonaises N1, N2

Valse Impromptu

Annees de Pelerinage Vol.2: Italy

Selection of Etudes

(including “Gnomen reigen”, “Feux follet”, “La leggierezza”, Etudes Paganini/Liszt)

Rhapsody Hongroise N2, N6, N19

Mephisto Valse N1, N4

Liszt’s Transcriptions

(Schubert/Liszt, Schumann/Liszt, Gounod/Liszt, Wagner/Liszt, Bach/Liszt)


E. Mc Dowell

Selection of miniatures


F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

Rondo Capriccioso Op.14

Songs without words


J. Metallidy

Selection of Miniatures


M. Mihajlovic

3 Prelida


F. Mompou

Selection of compositions


M. Moszkowski

Etudes Op.72


W.A. Mozart

Sonatas - K282 Es Dur, K283 G Dur, K309 C Dur,

K310 A Moll, K330 C Dur, K570 Bes Dur, K576 D Dur

Rondos - K485 D Dur, K511 A Moll

Selection of other pieces


S. Prokofiev

Sonata N6 Op.82

Sonata N7 Op.83

Toccata Op.11

Obsession Diabolique Op.4 N4

Selection of pieces ( incl. Suite Romeo & Julia)


S. Rachmaninoff

Preludes Op. 23, Op. 32

Etudes-Tableaux Op. 33, Op.39

Moments Musicaux Op. 16

Selection of Transcriptions


M. Ravel

Gaspard de la nuit


F. Schubert

Sonata Op.164 A Moll

Impromptus Op.90

6 Moments musicaux Op.94


R. Schumann

Variations “Abegg” Op.1

Carnaval Op.9

Sonata N1 Fis Moll Op11

Kinderszenen Op.15

Phantasiestucken Op.12

Symphonic Etudes Op.13


A. Scriabin

Preludes op. 11

Nocturne for left hand op.9 N2

Sonata N4 Op.30

Valse Op.38

Selection of Etudes Op. 8; Op.42


D. Shostakovich

Selection of Preludes and fugues


R. Shchedrin

Selecion of miniatures


J. Sibelius



W. Soerjadi

Dance of Devotion


I. Stravinsky

Etudes Op.7

Selected miniatures


P. Tschaikovsky

Theme and variations F Dur Op.19 N6

The Seasons Op.37a

Selection of other compositions





J.S. Bach

Concerto F Moll BWV 1056

Concerto D moll BWV 596


L.v. Beethoven

Concerto N1 Op.15 C Dur

Concerto N3 Op. 37 C moll


D. Bortniansky

Concerto D Dur


F. Chopin

Concerto N.1 Op.11 E moll 

Concerto N2 Op.21 F Moll


E. Grieg

Concerto Op.16 A Moll


J. Haydn

Concerto N11 D Dur


F. Liszt

Concerto N1 Es Dur

Concerto N2 A Dur


F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

Concerto Op.25 N1 G Moll


W.A. Mozart

Concerto N 23 A Dur K. 488


S. Prokofiev

Concerto N2 Op.16 G Moll



Chamber music, Piano & voice, Piano-duo, Quatre-mains


J.S. Bach



J. Brahms

Sonata for violoncello & piano E Moll Op.38

Hungarian Dances (4 hands)

Valses (4 hands)



Violin Sonatas


B. Britten

Sonata for violoncello & piano Op.65 C Dur


F. Chopin

Sonata for cello & piano G Moll Op.65


C. Debussy

Selection of different compositions (4 hands)


C. Franck

Sonata for violin & piano A-Dur FWV 8


G. Gershwin

Etudes (4 hands)

Selection of different compositions (4 hands)


G.F. Handel

Trio sonatas


N. Kapustin

Elegy for cello en piano Op.96


F. Kreisler




W. A. Mozart

Sonatas for violin & piano


Selection of different compositions

Sonatas (4 hands)


A. Piazzola



Selection of different compositions


F. Poulenc

Trio for piano, oboe & fagotto Op.43


H. Purcell

Trio Sonatas


S. Rachmaninoff

Symphonic Dances (2 pianos) Op. 45


C. Saint-Saens

Le carnaval des animaux


F. Schubert

Sonatas for violin & piano

“Arpeggione” Sonata D 821

Selection of different compositions


R. Schumann

Sonatas for violin & piano N1,2

Selection of different compositions


D. Shostakovich

Concertino (2 pianos) Op.94


R. Strauss

Sonata for cello & piano Op.6 F Dur


P. Tchaikovsky

Nutcracker suite (transcription for 2 pianos by M.Pletnev)



Songs and arias from opera`s of different composers

G. Handel, J.S. Bach, W. Mozart, F. Schubert, R. Schumann,

J. Brahms, F. Liszt, G. Verdi, G. Puccini, G. Bizet, M. De Falla,

P. Tchaikovsky, M. Glinka, N. Rimsky-Korsakov,

S. Prokofiev, S. Rachmaninoff 

Jazz and light music

Jazz standards - solo and with other instruments.
Light music and film music - solo and with other instruments.

Own compositions
My own music, composed in different styles including classical compositions and imitations of different composers`styles. My favorite genre is “Music portret” and improvisations in classical and jazzy style. "Music portret" can be improvised during concert by request of the public.